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Tysheba Morgan, CPA

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Helping business owners, executives, and professionals navigate complex tax and accounting challenges for sustained wealth and compliance excellence


We Help You See Beyond the Numbers

We believe in creating more than just financial statements; we strive to craft success stories. Our commitment goes 'Beyond Numbers,' offering bespoke tax and accounting solutions that propel businesses toward excellence. We pride ourselves on forging strong partnerships with our clients, recognizing that their success is our success.

Our dedication to optimizing wealth through innovative tax reduction strategies, effective financial planning, and precise accounting practices is unwavering. We don't just look at the figures; we see the aspirations behind them and work tirelessly to turn those goals into tangible results. Our expertise is not just in accounting — it's in understanding the heartbeat of your business and nurturing it towards lasting prosperity and growth.

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woman in black shirt using laptop computer


Tax Planning

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Part-time CFO and Accounting Services

Tax Return Preparation

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Here's what our customers say

”For over 15 years, Tysheba Morgan has been more than a CPA to us—she's been a trusted advisor of our family's finances and business. Her service isn't just professional; it's personal. We're not just clients; we're family."

- Miesha the Realtor

"Tysheba Morgan is a total game-changer for my organization's tax and accounting needs! Super responsive and always on the ball. She's got a client for life here!"

- Ebony Storrs (Supermoms Association)

Tysheba Morgan is a lifesaver! As an Executive Chef, my plate was full, and my IRS issues were a recipe for disaster. Tysheba whipped my finances into shape with expertise and ease. She's the secret ingredient to my financial stability. Can't recommend her enough!

- Chef Auntie

Tysheba is the real MVP behind the scenes. She flipped my tax game from horror flick to smooth sailing. Because of her, I'm laughing to the bank, not with the IRS.

- Hasaan Jones

Experienced CPA offering expertise in tax strategy, audit, risk management, and process optimization

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